Truth Seeker: Paranormal activity travel wish list

Just like every other person out there who is interested in the unknown, I too have a wish list of locations that I want to visit someday.

Some I have more desire to visit than others. Some of the locations are not because of the paranormal activity but due to the unusual characteristics of these locations. But these places still remain on my list and for different reasons. Recently, one particular location I have been thinking of visiting keeps popping up either on the internet or in conversation. Because of the frequency of it popping up I have decided it is almost like a sign that I need to visit this home.

So this year, I plan on making the little trip and making it become a reality. The home sits in Bellaire, Ohio, and is simply known as the Bellaire House.

This home has been attracting the attention of paranormal seekers for different reasons. One is because of the paranormal activity.

Seekers who have visited the home have reported hearing footsteps and disembodied voices. Seekers have even captured voices on their recorders and seen grey apparitions. The other reason is because the activity had been reported to be so strong at times that it has become violent.

Some believe this violent activity comes as a result of what happened several years ago. The home was inherited by siblings Edwin and Eliza Heatherington after their grandfather passed away. After Eliza passed away in 1947 Edwin could not let her go. He brought in mediums to attempt to communicate with her. It is said that Edwin himself began studying these practices and it is believed that while doing so he opened several portals. This is why some have even given it the name Portal to Hell.

As for the not so paranormal but for the strangeness of it, I have another location on my list. This location is located only an hour and a half away, in a little town called Philippi, W.Va. Here I plan to visit Barbour County Historical Museum to view their strange oddity of two mummies that are housed there. Around 1888 it is said, that two female cadavers were purchased by a local man who wanted to recreate the long ago process of mummifying a human body. These cadavers were believed to be from what we know today as the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum located in Weston, W. Va. During my visit I am hoping to hear the adventures of the mummies throughout their afterlife in preservation and more information on the man who succeeded in this preservation.

Even though I have little information on these locations they are still on my list. They have intrigued me enough that I decided I will take off with my wife on these little adventures to see if they are as interesting as I hope. The visit to Philippi will be soon; and as for the Bellaire House I will be attending a paranormal event later this year to fulfill my wish.

What places are on your wish list?