United Way faces issues

United Way doesn’t look away from the critical issues — they face them head on!

We don’t have to look far to find critical issues in our community that need to be addressed. Often it can feel as if the negativity outweighs the wonderful things happening all around us in the MOV. The concern areas can begin to take center stage and blind us to all that is good. Critical issues like addiction epidemics, domestic violence, childcare shortages, homelessness and food insecurity are daunting, debilitating and dangerous to community stability. They can overpower our thoughts yet leave us feeling a bit helpless as it can seem there are no solutions. At United Way, we know there ARE solutions. There are not usually simple, quick fixes, but rather complex, and most importantly, collaborative approaches.

At United Way, we don’t shy away from the complex and daunting issues in our community. The problems that some people don’t have the stomach for, the ones we don’t talk about at cocktail parties, the problems that seem to have no solutions…we go looking for those problems. We address complex issues head on and we fight. We fight for every person, for those that don’t have a voice and those that have lost hope.

We aren’t just fundraisers, but we are hand raisers. We are game changers. We are the stop talking and start doing, band together and take on the impossible task masters. United Way advances the common good of our community by fighting for the education, financial stability and health of every person in every corner of the Mid-Ohio Valley. Our efforts are powerful because of the everyday heroes who make the choice each year to join us in our fight. We believe that we all have super powers; some of us simply haven’t discovered that yet. We want to challenge our community to look inward and find their super power. When you embrace the hero within, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. The full force of collaboration is truly realized. Together we find the power to rescue our neighbors from the gap — where people work hard but still fall short. Together we have the ability to create lasting impact and build a strong, healthy and stable community.

If you want to make a difference in this world, you don’t have to travel far and you don’t have to look beyond our own community. When you give where you live, when you give to United Way — YOU make a difference. You join a league of community heroes who have a vision and have made a commitment. Our fight is only won when we bind our strengths and efforts together. At United Way, we do just that! As we kick off our annual campaign we are looking for heroes. They may not wear capes, they may not have x-ray vision but we believe they do have super powers — powers that can change a community. The responsibility lies with all of us — and the power lies within each and every one of us.

Give to United Way, not because you can afford to, but because you simply can’t afford not to.

Join our fight!




It’s time for you to embrace your inner hero!


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