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Women’s fiction offers historical, fantasy and Amish stories of romance and adventure!

Kelly Irvin returns to her Every Amish Season series with “Through the Autumn Air.”

Mary Katherine is a mother to 10 children and a widow and has kept busy with all of her children, as well as her friends. Now, as her last child marries, she begins to write stories to fill her time. When an English friend comes up with an idea to open a bookstore, Mary Katherine is interested, but the church thinks it is too worldly and would rather she work at a local Amish store. An old friend, Ezekiel, offers her a job at his restaurant as a cook. When a man breaks into her house to make himself a sandwich, she turns to Ezekiel for help. It turns out Burke is in need of a job, and Ezekiel feels compelled to help. As Mary Katherine and he work together to help their new friend, will they find a new romance sparking between the two of them. With warm, loving characters and a touching storyline, this will entertain and make readers think.

“Through the Autumn Air” is published by Zondervan. It is $15.99 and 372 pages long.


A woman’s deception changes the lives of those around her in “The Hope Jar” by Wanda E. Brunstetter.

Sara’s mother has just died, and she has found out that her grandparents are Amish and living in Lancaster County. She writes to them to see if she can visit and reconnect. Meanwhile, her grandparents see a girl they believe to be their long-lost granddaughter. Michelle was trying to get out of Lancaster County and away from her abusive ex, and she thinks perhaps living with the Lapps might be a way to do it. She can pretend to be Sara just until she gets back on her feet. But as she connects with the Lapps and their friends, and perhaps has a chance at a romance with Ezekiel, she begins to think about just what her deception is doing to all of them, including Sara, who cannot understand why her grandparents keep putting off their visit. What will happen when the truth comes out? The start of a new series, this brings new relatable characters and a lovely plot about redemption.

“The Hope Jar” is published by Shiloh Press. It is $15.99 and 309 pages long.


Kimberley Woodhouse continues her Daughter of the Mayflower series, this time in the backdrop of the Revolutionary War in “The Patriot Bride.”

Faith is a friend of George Washington and a wealthy widow. Matthew is friends with Benjamin Franklin and his son, William, who are differing on their views. While he hears information from both of them, Matthew soon finds himself compelled to get a message to a spy among the Loyalists. Faith is asked and steps up to deliver the message for Matthew. While the two are drawn together for the cause, they also feel drawn together by their hearts. But with war raging all around them, do they have a chance at all for romance? With a not often-explored backdrop and a dashing heroine and hero, this is a historical romance that will thrill readers.

“The Patriot Bride” is published by Barbour Publishing. It is $12.99 and 239 pages long.


A story of two women in two different times around a New York City landmark is told in “The Masterpiece” by Fiona Davis.

Clara is an illustrator trying to eke out a living in the 1920s and get exposure for her artwork, working as a teacher at the Grand Central School of Art. Virginia is a recently divorced mom in 1974, trying to start over with a job at an information booth when her secretary job falls through. While exploring one day, she stumbles upon the abandoned art school. As the events in the past impact the present, the parallel lives of the women draw closer as Virginia delves into the mystery of Clara.

With a lush landscape and a probing look into the experiences of women in two different periods, this is a historic novel that will prove popular.

“The Masterpiece” is published by Dutton. It is $26 and 368 pages long.


The story of King Midas continues in Annie Sullivan’s “A Touch of Gold.”

King Midas thought he had everything when he got the golden touch. And then he touched his daughter and cursed her forever. While Kora may no longer be a golden statue, she is still feeling the gold on her skin and has a connection with the metal. While princes and dukes alike may want to woo her for her riches, they are horrified by her appearance. That is, until Duke Wystlinos comes to the castle with his own story about curses. While Kora thinks for the first time she may have found a match, the cursed gold is stolen from the palace, leaving her father’s life in jeopardy. As she can sense the gold, she strikes a deal with the Duke to travel on his ship and hunt for it. Along with her cousin Hettie, a young captain and plenty of pirates, Kora is in for an adventure of a lifetime and may soon learn what is the real key to her heart. This is a swashbuckling adventure story with a body image message wrapped up that will appeal to many.

“A Touch of Gold” is published by Blink. It is $17.99.


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