New Amish novels out for weekend reading

There are several new Amish books out now for summer reading.

Bestselling author Beth Wiseman collects four novellas in her new book, “Amish Celebrations.”

In “The Gift of Sisters,” twins Hannah and Elizabeth are both vying for the attention of the same boy, newcomer Abraham. Will their fledging romances tell their relationship apart?

In “A New Beginning,” Rebecca and Noah are preparing for their wedding when he makes a decision to celebrate his last night of freedom in a way that makes Rebecca question their whole relationship. Will the wedding take place or is their relationship doomed?

In “A Perfect Plan” Priscilla is thrilled when the boy she’s dreamed of all her life, Chester, asks her to marry him. But while trying to build a special house for her, everything goes wrong. Will they make it to their wedding or are all of the disasters signs they shouldn’t be together?

In “A Christmas Miracle” Mary is finding it hard to balance her life with 5 young kids. When an elderly man seizes on the chance to play Santa for her, will her dreams come true?

These are all warm, uplifting stories that will be throughly enjoyed by fans of the genre.

“Amish Celebrations” is published by Zondervan. It is $15.99 and 400 pages long.


New York Times bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray continues her Amish of Hart County series with “Her Fear.”

Sadie has been sent away from her family when she gets pregnant by her boyfriend, who denies he is the father.

She is sent to extended family in Kentucky and finds life their different from her roots.

When Noah, an Amish EMT worker, comes to a house on a medical call, he meets Sadie and is intrigued by her. But Sadie’s family is keeping secrets and Sadie’s preganancy barely scratches the surface. What is really going on in her new home? Noah must figure it out for Sadie’s sake and to solve the mystery that lies below the surface.

This is a good mystery that will keep readers guessing with plenty of romance to enjoy as well.

“Her Fear” is published by Avon Inspire. It is 412.99 and 288 pages long.


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