Truth Seeker: Unusual activity at Bee Bops

Photo by Tom Moore

In the world of the paranormal you may never know when or where something could happen. Recently, my wife and I made a trip to Owensboro, Ky., for two different reasons. One, she was receiving her bachelor’s degree in Social Work. The other we planned on stopping in Cincinnati to spend our anniversary. Everything went just as planned, including contacting “Haunts of Owensboro,” a haunted tour company that tells stories of allegedly haunted locations in the area. The man I spoke with there was more than helpful on phone in giving me locations to visit while in town. One particular location was a local restaurant that has had numerous reports of activity, called Bee Bops. This was a place that I wished to visit before we left town.

On Friday afternoon we made our way around town to find a location to grab lunch and found ourselves in an area with lots of places to choose from. As we walked around the corner we were surprised to find we were just across the street from Bee Bops. We decided that this was where we were going to have lunch. After we finished eating we talked with Donna Johnson, one of the owners. She told us story after story of things unexplainable that have happened there. Even though they do not know who or what may be causing this unexplained activity they decided to name it George.

One of the stories that we were told was the men’s restroom light would go off for no reason. Not just go off but the actual switch would be turned to the off position, and it happened often. So before we paid our bill to leave I decided I wanted to check things out for myself and made my way to the restroom. I waiting in there for a few minutes and began asking if George was there with me. If he was I’d like to see him turn off the light switch just like the people had told me about. A few more minutes had passed and I made a comment of “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” At that point I did hear a loud noise in the restaurant and heard people talking. A few minutes later I decided to head out to pay our bill. As I was standing at the checkout my wife began to tell me that they had just experienced something unusual.

Turns out the noise that I had heard was a child’s booster seat falling over and all the talking were the employees blaming George for it. I did ask her if anyone was close to it at the time and she said no it just fell over and no one was even close. I did make a comment about wishing I was there to see it happen as well but then I thought maybe it was brought on by the comment that I had made just before it happened. Either way she was there to have witnessed it happen. As for the restaurant, yes the next time I’m back in Owensboro, I will pay it another visit in hopes to witness it for myself.