Mystery comes home in books

Secrets in residential neighborhoods are explored in several new books!

First is bestselling author Sally Hepworth’s “The Family Next Door” (St. Martin’s Press, $26.99.)

Essie seems like she has a perfect life in the suburbs with a doting husband and her mother nearby for support. But what no one knows is Essie, in the midst of postpartum depression, left her child in a stroller in a park and walked away. Things have seemed fine since, but her husband and mother are always watching her, cautiously.

When Isabelle moves into the family neighborhood, she stands out as a singleton in the midst of families. But she hasn’t come here by chance, and she chose to befriend Essie for a purpose. What secrets is she hiding?

With a surprise twist and neighbors that have a few secrets of their own, this will make you look twice at your neighbors.


Two detectives set out to solve cases that appear unrelated as a woman disappears and then reappears many hours late in “The Missing Hours” by Emma Kavanagh (Kensington, $26.)

Detective Leah MacKay is following a missing persons report when Selena Cole, was at the playground with her kids and just left. She fears the worst, but is surprised when 20 hours later, she shows up again, and has no memory of what happened. Meanwhile, Detective Finn Hale is investigating the murder of a lawyer, found on a remote mountain road. Both cases seem totally unrelated, but are they? And what does Selena’s former job as a kidnap and ransom consultant have to do with this?

Readers will enjoy following the detectives through the many surprises in store for them.


A woman goes missing after a neighborhood mom night in “Not That I Could Tell” by Jessica Strawser (St. Martin’s Press, $26.99.)

A group of suburban neighborhood women in a small town in Ohio meet up for drinks in a backyard. The next day, Kristin, a mom undergoing a divorce, and her kids are gone. Her soon-to-be ex-husband Paul is frantic, wondering where they have gone, and immediately moves into the house hoping for their return. He and the neighbors are all questioned by police. Clara, a stay-at-home mom, keeps finding herself pulled into the investigation, while singleton Izzy finds herself drawn to Paul. Where did Kristin go and why? Or has something horrible happened?

A story that makes everyone question their motives, this one will leave you thinking after the pages are done.

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