Romance stories in small, foreign towns

Romance novels journey to small town U.S.A. and to exotic foreign locations in several new romance books!

First, a widow returns to her hometown with her young daughter in “You’ll Think of Me” by Robin Lee Hatcher.

Brooklyn never expected to return to her hometown of Thunder Creek, Idaho. Her estranged husband Chad passed away and has left her his family home and it sounds like a time to remake their lives and have a second chance.

Meanwhile, Derek, her husband’s childhood friend, isn’t happy about her return. Not only was he unsure of their relationship, he was also planning on buying the land so he could expand his organic farm. Now Brooklyn stands in the way of his plans. And, odder still, Chad asked Derek to be his daughter’s stand-in father.

Neither want to be around the other. But Derek wants to fulfill his promise to Chad. And as the two begin to finally spend time together, things change between them, leading to something romantic. But have they already ruined their chance at love?

A romantic story of overcoming first impressions and starting your life over, this is a great story for romantics at heart.

“You’ll Think of Me” is published by Thomas Nelson. It is $12.99 and is 320 pages long.


Readers return to the seaside Hope Harbor, Oregon, in RITA Award winning author Irene Hannon’s “Sandpiper Cove.”

The small town police chief, Lexie has her hands full with the usual mischief and raising her son as a single mother. But now there seems to be a growing amount of theft and vandalism. And the last person she would ever have romantic feelings for is Adam Stone, an ex-con. But when Lexie doesn’t want to send a young man to jail, she asks Adam to step in and help lead him to a better life and not make some of the same bad decisions. Adam agrees. But the more he is around Lexie, the more he develops romantic feelings for her. Is there a chance for romance with a cop?

This is a sweet story of two great characters finding each other in a lovely small town seaside setting.

“Sandpiper Cove” is published by Revell. It is $15.99 and 352 pages long.


The story of “Roman Holiday” starring Audrey Hepburn is retold set in modern times and with a gender switch in “Royally Roma” by Teri Wilson.

Niccolo La Torre is a crown prince. He decides to get a taste of the civilian life for a day by disguising himself as a wealthy tourist. Julia Costa is his tour guide, a graduate student looking to make money and get out of the country after a bad breakup and some issues with her father. She mistakes him for a client, and he is more than willing to go along with it.

Julia needs the money and though she feels that something is not quite right, she goes along with it for the day. As the two spend time together, sparks fly. But the draw of finding someone who doesn’t know him as a prince and just a guy is irresistible to Niccolo. But at the end of the day, what will happen to their friendship and possible romance?

Having just stumbled upon “Roman Holiday” completely by accident on one of the old movie channels, I really enjoyed this look at the story in a new way. And I liked Julia much better than Joe. (Though I will always love Irving!)

This is a kick-off of a new series retelling old movies for a new audience, so I can’t wait to see what comes next!

“Royally Roma” is published by Gallery Books as an ebook. It is $1.99.


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