Time to act urgently

Every day the climate crisis worsens and economic inequality grows. Conservative politicians, aided by the Supreme Court, are rolling back basic human rights across the country. In West Virginia, as soon as Republicans took control of our state legislature they rolled back mine safety 50 years or more.

What’s shocking is how little urgency elected leaders have shown in response. With each new development, it seems as if this time, surely, those in power will recognize the severity of the challenge, and act accordingly. Equally important is our involvement and persistence regarding this matter and its potential impact on our future. We must apply pressure to them on a consistent basis while we work together diligently to elect Democrats that will better serve our citizens.

Some folks are saying, “We’re so sick of empty words and promises.” The new leadership of the Democratic Party in West Virginia will not proffer “empty words and promises,” rather the new leadership will be very active with attention to the issues impacting our working families.

We must ignore a media that’s quick to brand any solution that rises to the level of these problems as “extreme,” as if the problems themselves did not already represent extreme danger. We must look forward with new direction and renewed dedication to our working families and the representation of their issues.

The gap between what’s needed and what elected officials are able and willing to do is growing wider everyday. It’s time to speak urgently, and truthfully, in as loud of a voice as we can. The West Virginia State Democratic Executive Committee is going in that direction and we ask you to join us before it is too late.

Denny Longwell

New Martinsville


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