An attack of rationality

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire! He did it! Joe Manchin joined the other Democrats (at least momentarily) to enact an omnibus spending bill to, among many other purposes, enable the country to meet its climate change obligations. I retract every spiteful and derogatory thing I ever wrote about the good Senator.

More fire balls! The WV Senate failed to enact Justice’s 10% personal income tax plan and failed to pass the proposed anti-abortion bill, which defined life as beginning with fertilization and had no exceptions for rape and incest. You guys better watch out. You keep behaving rationally and they will take away your membership in the Morons Club.

What I don’t understand about the proposed abortion bill is why the Republican masters of metaphysics chose to define life, hence the point at which abortion becomes illegal, as (apparently) beginning at the instant that a sperm penetrates a female egg. I suppose the definition is intended to prohibit females from utilizing the so-called “morning after” pill or doing anything to halt progression of fertilization.

Since there would be no issue of pain suffered by an undifferentiated, single celled zygote (even religious zealots would not call it a fetus at this point) a few hours after the sinful event, the real purpose must be traced to the Bible and the story of Onan. We all remember how God slew Onan after he failed to follow his father’s (Judah) commandment to fornicate with his dead brother’s widow (an old Jewish tradition) and ended up “spilling his seed.” The Bible does not relate whether Onan’s failure was intentional or whether he just got a little excited.

The point of the story is that to God, the “seed” is precious (the “Precious”) and must not be mishandled regardless of the reason. So, the Republicans’ purpose is to protect the “Precious.” They should be thanked for imposing their morality on the rest of us. But, O Republican fathers in Charleston, your job is incomplete.

The Canadian high court just declared that “stealthing” — a male deceiving his female partner by removing his condom, or lying about wearing one, before sex — is sexual assault. But that court got it wrong. The crime is wearing a condom and preventing the precious from doing God’s work. Republican fathers, you should criminalize the sinful use of condoms (“condomizing’) and authorize men to “stealth” women; then, attack the sin of contraception.

Patrick Radcliff



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