Keep kids safe in cold weather

I am writing about the superintendent for Wood County Schools.

What is wrong with him?

When there is an inch of snow or less he wants to cancel school or put them on a two-hour delay.

When there are 2 or more inches of snow, let’s have them go to school.

Today, Jan. 27, the temperature outside was 3 degrees.

Every county around Wood County was on a two-hour delay and Wood County goes at normal time.

I know there are a lot of kids out there that don’t have the best coat or the best jacket to keep them warm enough in these kinds of temperatures, to keep them warm while waiting on the bus to pick them up.

I bet the superintendent isn’t standing outside waiting on the employees to come to work at the Board of Education.

But he expects the kids to stand out there in these temperatures to wait on the bus to be picked up.

They want the kids to wear extra clothes or bring a jacket or sweater to school to wear all day because it’s so cold in the school.

If it’s that cold in the school turn the heat up. That’s what you get those grants for every year, for things like that, not to give yourselves pay raises and take so many days off.

When I went to school we didn’t have spring break days off; no week off for hunting season.

We just had our summer break and that was it.

You hear the governor and the board office saying the kids need to be in school this many days a school year.

That’s why you plan for so many snow days and if you don’t use them up you have extra days to spare for some other time to take off.

So, superintendent, I wanna see you outside every morning waiting on your employees to come to work whether it’s 99 degrees, raining, snowing or 3 degrees outside, and see how long you want to stand out there in the weather like these poor kids do.

Let’s take care of these kids in the cold!

John D. McIntyre



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