Disruption over death

On behalf of myself and other readers of this paper whose noses were tweaked by the fake climate news, apology (sort of) accepted, and the sin of misinformation forgiven.

The real climate news, however, continues to worsen. Communicating that “gospel” is, like every other scientifically provable subject, an utterly frustrating quest. The message often falls upon the same tens of millions of deaf American ears that refuse to hear the scientifically proven claim that the Covid vaccine is safe, effective, and necessary in preventing the spread of a deadly virus. Consequently, many hundreds of thousands of vaccine “deniers” unnecessarily died and many more will follow.

Those that accept the dire consequences of man-made global climate change as a scientific fact appear to fall within two groups: One maintains that the situation is an insoluble “predicament,” which will necessarily lead to NTHE, the near term human extinction; the other sees a problem which will ultimately lead to the extinction of humanity unless the planet’s humans quickly, within the next 10 years, reverse certain behaviors, namely the releasing of greenhouse gasses, destroying the planet’s biodiversity (we’ve already driven a million species to extinction), and others.

Promoters of the NTHE group include the American Michael Dowd and the Englishman Rupert Read, founder of XR (Extinction Rebellion), whose arguments are contained in numerous Youtube presentations. The argument of the second group is thoroughly discussed by David Attenborough and other climate scientists in the 2021 Netflix documentary “Breaking Borders.”

I see no value in the NTHE group’s message of an unavoidable, impending doom. The weakness of the second group is its failure to present or demand concrete plans that call for specific behaviors and objectives, which can be incrementally measured. The empty promises to achieve certain reductions in carbon emissions by the signatories, which included all the nations in the world, to the 2015 Paris Agreement have achieved nothing.

The following is an example of a concrete, measurable plan:

Acting unilaterally and not relying upon the cooperation of other nations, America should, within 5 years, ban all civilian mechanized land, air, and sea transportation into and within the nation except that utilizing only battery power.

Of course, the disruption would be enormous. The country would essentially revert to the situation existing in 1900 when there were no cars or planes. Some, however, consider that life in America was good in the 1900s, and, personally, I prefer disruption over death.

Patrick Radcliff



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