Will Joe defend W.Va. law?

Do you know what happened in June of 2016 that is relevant to today? The legislators of the great state of West Virginia passed a law requiring every person who votes to show some form of identification before they can vote. That law has stood the test of time in West Virginia for five years, and I have never heard anyone complain here in Wirt County about that law.

Since Gov. Tomblin signed that law into effect you would think that the democratic legislators were in charge in 2016. Now, a democratic president is trying to pass a law that makes our law in West Virginia wrong.

How can this possibly happen, and how will our democratic senator vote to make a West Virginia law passed and signed by a democratic governor wrong? What has changed in Sen. Joe Manchin’s mind that would let him do such a thing?

Could it be all the advertising that is on television all day long every day trying to get him to vote our legally passed law out of existence? Who does Sen. Joe Manchin III represent, West Virginia or Joe Biden?

Charles Leisure



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