Entitlement dependency failing

Dear Senator Manchin,

I know West Virginia from marrying a West Virginian from Parkersburg some 50+ years ago.

As I read an article by reporter Lauren Weber about rural hospitals, I come to the horrifying conclusion West Virginia and other rural areas are losing the capability of caring for themselves. Lower rates of health insurance, higher poverty, ever more limited access to health care, closures of hospitals (181 so far), one half of rural hospitals have no intensive care beds, death rate is 20% higher than for urbanites, striking deterioration of a basic tenet of rural health care — the capability to transfer patients to higher levels of care, growing staffing shortages (low pay, burnout, move to travel nurse companies), and lower rated of vaccinations.

If West Virginia cannot take care of itself, who will take care of its citizens? In the face of this situation, I seems to me and I wish it would seem to you, Senator, that entitlement dependency is not a position you can hold if you truly care about the health of your constituency.

Madison Brown



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