Wondering…what if…?

What if Democrats and Republicans stopped demonizing each other and started working together to do what they were elected to do? And how did it happen that for the first time in our democracy, a president has refused to acknowledge the peaceful transfer of power and has convinced his followers that he is still president?

What if COVID had not become political and everyone received a vaccination? What if we had followed the science and worn face masks until the vaccination was available? It seems obvious to me that if we had followed the science instead of the “delusions” on social media like Facebook, we would all be back in school and at work and our hospitals would not be in crisis because of the unvaccinated.

70 percent of Americans believe in Roe v. Wade yet the fundamental minority want to dictate to women and girls what they should do. Our government rightly decided this issue 50 years ago and this health issue should only involve women/girls and their doctors. “Women dying from pregnancy and childbirth is still a problem in the United States, CDC report shows,” according to Jacqueline Howard, CNN, Jan. 30, 2020. Instead of shutting down health clinics for poor women, what if states made sure every woman/girl got the healthcare she needed instead of putting a $10,000 bounty on her health-care provider?

My Republican friends don’t seem very concerned about climate change as the wild fires continue to rage in the west, as hurricanes and flooding devastate the south and the coastlines, and as our summertime temperatures soar into the 100s for weeks at a time. Poorer countries are not able to feed their people and the people then migrate to the United States and to Europe in order to survive. What if we followed the science and worked on the problem instead of ignoring the obvious and believing that God will take care of everything. What if indeed!

May God Bless Joe Biden for his leadership at this perilous time.

Carol Lazear Mitchell



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