Support budget reconciliation bill

As a West Virginia resident and person who has family in West Virginia, I unfortunately will have to leave the state unless Senator Manchin votes for budget reconciliation.

One of West Virginia’s largest issues is that young people like myself are leaving the state after college because they are unable to find good jobs here, especially jobs that have our future in mind.

Budget reconciliation has become a ray of hope for us youth to remain in West Virginia. Even West Virginia University president, Dr. Gordon Gee, is concerned, saying “I’ve joked about the fact that I want to build a wall around West Virginia and keep all the kids here.”

The budget reconciliation bill focuses on the specific energy policies that not only bring jobs to the youth of West Virginia, but also holds the potential to reinvent the economy, lead by example in clean energy, and most importantly, keep families together. That is why it is being called the American Families Plan. The bipartisan infrastructure bill addresses roads and bridges, but does not do enough to produce the jobs and the economic vitality we need in West Virginia. The manufacturing and deployment of energy efficiency and clean energies that will result from the budget reconciliation passage is what we need.

West Virginia is my home, and I want to stay here with my family but, frankly, I just don’t see how the youth have a future in West Virginia without its evolution towards clean energy priorities.

Time and time again, I’ve heard comments from my peers like “We have a beautiful state and we need to keep it healthy for future generations … but, I just can’t find a way to stay here.”

Senator Manchin, your vote is pivotal. We are counting on you to support the budget reconciliation bill so we can have a future in West Virginia.

Mason Witzler



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