Criminal lack of common sense

This nation is in the middle of a health crisis. With 750,000 citizens dead from COVID, that makes it a genuine problem. But fatalities are no longer the driving force behind this crisis. Political ambition has become the driving force and it’s the type of political ambition that borders on criminal stupidity.

A couple of local politicians recently treated us to a perfect example of their ambition. That would be Roger Conley and Mike Azinger. These two zeros spoke at a Parkersburg rally and railed against mandatory face masks and mandatory vaccination. Those two public safety steps, masks and vaccination, are the only actions that would diminish the danger of the COVID disease.

It’s difficult to get at the truth about this crisis. The biggest problem is the internet, which is an absolute flood of COVID misinformation. The second problem is those who think they understand science but don’t. Then we have the real problem children who think they have some special “freedom” to infect their fellow citizens by refusing to use a mask or get vaccinated.

For over a century, doctors have known that wearing a face mask can limit the spread of many diseases. Scientists knew that COVID was transmitted by contact with someone else’s exhaled breath. Wearing a mask was never considered a complete solution for COVID but scientists knew a mask would minimize disease transmission. When you lack a cure, common sense tells you to use any method that might slow or reduce the impact of the disease.

At that rally, Conley bragged about writing new legislation to forbid any mandatory action against COVID. Conley and Azinger are obviously devoid of any common sense

Of course, the vaccination issue is another sad story. The vaccine has been available for 9 months but only 50 percent of U.S. adults are vaccinated. Internet misinformation has contributed greatly to the vaccination confusion. Conservative media hasn’t helped anything. As a nation, we won’t get out of this mess until we have about 90 plus percent of the people vaccinated. If that means mandatory vaccination then line everyone up and let’s get it done.

It’s a constitutional truth that many personal freedoms belong to each of us. But this nation will only survive COVID when those who whine about their imaginary loss of imaginary personal freedoms, stop whining, shut-up, put on a mask and get vaccinated.

Ralph Chambers



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