Rant held no political value

The Aug. 22 News and Sentinel included an op-ed from West Virginia state Sen. Mike Azinger.

That op-ed was the most chaotic, poorly written piece of political trash I’ve ever seen. He rambled on for about 20 paragraphs like some confused wacko, mixing Biblical scripture with Supreme Court decisions and adding the Bolshevik Revolution to his narrative for who knows what reason. And he labeled pro-LGBTQ supporters as Marxist.

Azinger seems to be ignorant of the fact that labeling anyone a Marxist is no longer a political curse. Calling someone a Marxist today is a silly out-of-date sandlot insult and a sad joke.

Since entering state politics Azinger has tried to impress local voters with two major issues. Foremost are his anti-LGBTQ opinions, which he claims stem from his strong religious beliefs. Personally, I think his opinions stem from narrow minded intolerance and a lack of smarts.

Azinger says the Book of Leviticus tells us to be intolerant of LGBTQ individuals. Leviticus also tells us to be intolerant of people who eat shrimp or have tattoos. Gee! Who wrote the rule book that says Azinger gets to personally select the Biblical passages we must all observe?

Once-upon-a-time his other favorite subject was overhauling the West Virginia tax system using failed economic ideas like the “trickle-down theory” and “supply-side economics.” Thankfully, Azinger hasn’t offered any irresponsible tax overhaul recommendations for a couple of years.

Azinger’s basic fallback position with any issue is to mix his overstated religious opinions into the discussion. His religious opinions are devoid of legislative value and do not deserve consideration in our political arena.

The Charleston Gazette chopped Azinger into little pieces a few months ago over his anti-LGBTQ opinions. I suspect very few Parkersburg readers had the pleasure of seeing that Charleston editorial. The interesting part of that editorial was the fact that it condemned a Wood County politician. That’s unusual to say the least. It’s not often you see the Charleston newspaper condemn a county politician located 80 miles outside of Kanawha County voting districts.

Maybe the Gazette thinks Azinger is such a total zero he deserves to be labeled as a zero and given the appropriate public attention.

Ralph Chambers



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