What is the truth?

We seem to have a problem in this country with the truth. I blame elected officials for perpetuating falsehoods so they can stay in office. I also blame social media (like Facebook) for putting profit first when they provide a platform for those (even foreign countries) that would divide us along political and ethnic lines. Half of us get our news from Facebook which is not responsible for whether or not it is true.

We had a presidential election. Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won — eight months ago. So what is going on with former President Trump and a lot of Republicans? What happened to the leadership for a “peaceful transfer of power” when a new president and vice-president are elected? We should have learned by now that you cannot trust everything that Mr. Trump tells us.

We saw it with our own eyes — the insurrection by Trump supporters on January 6 as they tried to stop Congress from certifying the electoral college votes of the presidential election. Vice-President Pence did the right thing; he fulfilled his duties as the United States Constitution requires. He should be respected — not vilified. Some Republicans would have us believe that there was no insurrection — that it never happened or someone else was responsible.

Despite all the lawsuits brought by the Republicans, nothing was found to change the outcome of the presidential election. Both Republican and Democratic state and federal election officials consider the 2020 election the most secure in American history but that hasn’t stopped the Republicans from trying to pass more laws that will suppress the vote in the next election. In addition to suppressing the vote, they want to be able to change the outcome if they don’t like it.

Former President Trump is to be commended for Operation Warp Speed, the federal effort to develop and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine that he and Melania received in January. I don’t understand why Mr. Trump and the Republicans didn’t then follow the science and encourage everyone to get vaccinated so we can all get back to normal. 99 percent of all COVID hospitalizations are of those people that are not vaccinated. I want to travel but the way things are going, we all might be staying home again.

We need two strong political parties in this country and the Republicans need to find a new leader. Liz Cheney shows the most promise right now. It is a sad state of affairs when politicians and their families are threatened with physical harm when they side with the truth. And I cringe when I see political cartoons bash Anthony Fauci who has to have police protection for himself and his family. Not only is truth a terrible thing to lose but the loss threatens our Democracy.

Carol Lazear Mitchell



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