Manchin on thin ice

I’m writing to express my disdain for the misleading ad touting HR 1 “the For the People Act,” as protecting the integrity of future elections, while it does the exact opposite. The ad, paid for by the West Virginia Freedom Alliance Action Fund, is running on certain local TV stations.

The ad also falsely alleges senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell is blocking passage of HR 1. Mitch McConnell is no longer the senate majority leader and can’t block senate legislation. Sadly, that position has been taken by senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer.

Finally, the ad praises W.Va. Senator Joe Manchin as a great leader seeing bipartisan passage of HR 1.

A great leader takes a principled stand representing their electorate and leads, like Shelley Moore Capito, David McKinley and Alex Mooney. They opposed HR 1 from day one, and have stood firm.

On the other hand, Senator Manchin straddles the political fence and waits to see which way the political winds blow him. That is the direction Manchin takes. Hardly the mark of a great leader.

Manchin promised the people of West Virginia that he would not support HR 1, support ending the senate filibuster nor support packing the Supreme Court. Recently, Manchin has shown signs of buckling under pressure from the senate Democrats into supporting HR 1 and voting to end or modify the filibuster.

Since Manchin voted not once, but twice to impeach Trump on bogus charges fabricated by the congressional Democrats, I, therefore, believe Sen. Manchin is walking on “thin ice” with West Virginia voters and would benefit his political career by being a great leader and standing up for his electorate against the socialist Democrats in Washington.

Manchin’s term ends in 2024 and Trump may well again be running for president and may endorse a Republican candidate against Manchin.

If Joe Manchin seeks to run again in 2024, he should keep his promise to oppose HR 1 and support keeping the Senate filibuster and not support packing the Supreme Court. Otherwise, the people of West Virginia may not support Manchin come November 2024.

Nevertheless, West Virginians are too smart to be fooled by the West Virginia Freedom Alliance Action Fund ad, although socialist Democrats plainly believe otherwise.

After all, liberals don’t allow the facts to interfere with their socialist propaganda.

Steve Wolverton



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