Illegal immigration continues

I reported a number of months ago the vast numbers of unaccompanied minors crossing our southern border, but the estimates at that time have turned out to be significantly on the low side. The total numbers of illegal crossings have now reached 100,000 a month, with a now estimate of 1.8 million crossing this year.

They are coming from around the globe, not just from the countries south of our border. To vastly complicate the matter, many of these are not being tested for COVID-19, and nearly one third are not accepting vaccinations. As these illegals cross into the U.S., many of them are being bused and flown around the country, while at the same time, new restrictions are being placed on U.S. citizens re-entering the workplace and returning to their jobs.

Many companies and government entities are mandating vaccinations before they may return to work. Many colleges are demanding the same. The most recent is the Veteran’s Administration mandating vaccinations for their health care workers. The mandate does not even take into account the thousands that already have acquired immunity from previous exposure to COVID-19.

So why would the current administration scatter tens of thousands of illegals around the country without any kind of mandate? Why hasn’t this newspaper reported on the potential catastrophe that could be evolving?

Never mind, that was a rhetorical question. But by golly, a week hardly goes by without some mention of a Trump story to keep the fires going. Many are meaningless and may involve peripheral players.

Just in case, I’ll remind The Parkersburg News and Sentinel that Donald trump has been out of office for over six months. How about reporting on issues that could have a negative effect on U.S. security?

Larry Reed



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