Fallacies, falsehoods and pseudo science

In response to a letter in the Sunday, July 18, newspaper, the Republican Party is still the sanest, most rational party when it comes to policymaking and cultural, political and economic issues.

I’m sorry the author wishes to rewrite history to brainwash our kids. I’m sorry the author feels if a woman becomes pregnant, she has a right to terminate the innocent life of an unborn child and it’s no one else’s business. It is. Yet an individual has no right to refuse the experimental COVID vaccine for religious or personal reasons. They do. It’s not the government or anyone else’s business. It’s called personal freedom.

I’m sorry the author believes the Republicans are racists who believe in discrimination in things like employment, housing and public accommodations, based on sexual orientation and gender identity due to religiously motivated hate — they don’t. Republicans have been unfairly accused of racism by Democrats who play the race card when they can’t win an argument based on merit.

I’m sorry the author believes the United States is not a Christian nation. It was established that way, even though the liberal atheists have eroded Americans’ God-given rights and freedoms. Thomas Jefferson stated our form of government would only work for a religious people.

I’m sorry the author believes anthropogenic (human-caused) global climate change is proven fact. It isn’t. It’s a hoax being forced on us by liberals based on pseudo-science and fabricated “facts” to bolster the globalists agenda of a one-world government. The globalists are using climate change as an excuse for redistribution of the world’s wealth. Republicans know this.

I’m sorry the author wants to follow the science, even pseudo-science, on climate change, but refuses to follow the science that life begins upon conception.

We do have serious problems in this country and the world, and we do need serious people to solve them. A party that would run a Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or babbling Joe Biden is not that party.

Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauren Boebert and Donald Trump aren’t perfect, but they are true patriots who put America first and aren’t Marxists or socialists, unlike their Democrat counterparts.

I’m sorry the author wants to live in a proposed socialistic utopia, but the author can live in that utopia today by moving to Cuba, Venezuela, etc. After five years it will be clear how great their socialist utopia is.

Steve Wolverton



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