Why resort to bribery on COVID vaccines?

According to an article by Allison Durkee of Forbes, June 1, 2021, “West Virginia has come up with a lottery scheme all its own: giving the newly vaccinated the chance to win not just money, but rifles and shotguns.”

How did we get to the point in our public policy making that instead of explaining and educating our citizens regarding the need and efficacy of these COVID-19 shots, we are bribing, manipulating and coercing citizens to participate in this “vaccination” process? Did we use these methods in order to get American citizens to take the polio or mumps vaccines? If there is such a need for this COVID-19 shot, shouldn’t our fear of the disease drive us to participate?

Based on data provided by the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, available at vaers.hhs.gov/data/datasets.html, there have been 4,372 vaccine related deaths and a total of 252,253 adverse reactions reported in 2021. Many studies have concluded that only about 1-10 percent of all adverse reactions are reported in VAERS. In the 10 years prior to 2021, approximately 1,500 vaccine related deaths were reported using the same VAERS system. In five months, reported vaccine related deaths have surpassed the prior 10 years combined by over 100 percent.

Not a single “vaccine” for COVID-19 has been approved by the FDA. Each has only been authorized for emergency use. Are we, as a state, really bribing and coercing people as young as twelve to take an experimental medication for a disease with over 99 percent survivability for those under the age of 65?

How have we lost touch with science so completely and so quickly?

Our children are still forced to wear a mask all day at school while the elderly and physically compromised are given their freedoms in government buildings and private businesses all over town. We know children, as a whole, are not in danger from this disease. Why would we require them to wear masks when even the box they come in states plainly that they are not intended to protect the wearer from any infection?

Where is the alarm in our scientific community regarding the bribery and coercion being used to encourage “vaccine” participation? Where is our scientific community as we watch helplessly, as our children are forced to wear dirty, ineffective, individual freedom-killing muzzles?

Our scientific community is silent and losing credibility by the hour.

Sean P. Keefe



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