Narcan handouts part of the problem

I’m writing about the people handing out Narcan for the drug users here in Parkersburg.

That just shows me that it’s OK to do the drugs and take a chance of overdosing because they hand out Narcan for the users.

The paramedics have Narcan and the firefighters have Narcan.

What I want know is who is paying for all this Narcan being used every day by the first responders and the paramedics and what else has handed out.

That is just telling the people that it’s fine to do the drugs because we will hand out the Narcan to you.

How do they think that they’re gonna get drugs off the street giving out Narcan.

There are several calls on the scanner every day and all day long about overdoses, and when other medical calls come through there are no ambulances because there all out working on drug overdoses.

If they have money to buy Narcan they should hand out EpiPens for the people that have allergic reactions to some things and insulin for the diabetics that cannot afford to buy their insulin.

There are a lot of people out there that go hungry because they have to buy their medicine — or do they want to do without medicine so they can go ahead and eat.

So sad. We can’t keep catering to these users and hand out Narcan to them for their addiction.

If they’re going to hand out Narcan for their addiction they need to hand out beer to the alcoholics in the town for their addiction.

Enough said. So sad here in Parkersburg and all over the world.

John D. McIntyre



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