Meeting mask policies very different

On Tuesday, May 25, 2021, both the Wood County Board of Education and the Parkersburg City Council held public meetings. It is amazing how differently these meetings were hosted.

I was unable to attend the BOE meeting due to my being banned from all school property until May 11, 2022. Apparently, expressing ones First Amendment rights regarding the mask mandate, enforced in every Wood County public school, in front of our local Board of Education is not only frowned upon but is punishable by a one-year banishment.

At the BOE meeting held on the 25th, each attendee was required to wear a mask. No accommodation was made for those that are fully vaccinated, those with naturally created antibodies, or those that can read instructions on a box.

I encourage each citizen to read the precautions on the box of masks being sold at our local drugstores. I encourage each of you to learn the meaning of antiviral and antimicrobial. When the instructions/precautions on said box indicate that the medical apparatus contained therein is not intended to prevent any infections, shouldn’t we take the manufacturer at their word? If the label on an airplane read “Not intended for use underwater,” I assume most of us would not mistake the airplane for a submarine.

The draconian mask requirements being enforced by our Board of Education on both students and visitors to school property stands in stark contrast to the mask requirements imposed on city officials and public attendees of the Parkersburg City Council meeting held at the Municipal Building.

Attendees, including all but one city official, arrived and participated in the meeting mask free. There were no questions asked regarding masks nor was there any social distancing asked for or enforced.

What science supports a roomful of older people, known to be most vulnerable, gathering mask-free while our children, 99.997 percent survivability rate, are required to wear a mask all day every day at school?

I applaud the freedom being displayed by our City Council. In a free society, masks should always be optional.

I only ask that the same freedoms be given to our children, teachers, administrators, parents and other visitors to our local school facilities. Please encourage those we have elected to lead our Board of Education to give the freedoms we as adults now enjoy to our children and grandchildren. Make school fun again!

Sean P. Keefe



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