HR 1 is For the Democrats Act

House Resolution 1 has passed in the House and is pending in the Senate as Senate Resolution 1. Democrats claim HR 1 would safeguard the integrity of future elections, when it does the opposite.

Here are the truths about HR 1 the Democrats won’t tell:

* HR 1 invalidates the voter ID laws on the books in many states, allowing illegal votes to be tallied.

* HR 1 outlaws signature verification. No one will know if the person casting the ballot is the actual legal voter.

* HR 1 would legalize voting in any precinct, maybe at multiple precincts using different names, since no ID or signature is required.

* HR 1 would end any restrictions on voting by mail and would allow up to four ballots mailed to each resident, inviting ballot harvesting and other election fraud.

* HR 1 ends the automatic purging of voter rolls of ineligible voters, including dead voters.

* HR 1 strips the power from state legislatures for redistricting and give the power to Congress.

* HR 1 allows automatic voter registration at state office, DMV, welfare office, etc., enabling non-citizen and illegal immigrants to cast ballots.

* HR 1 requires all election disputes be settled in the liberal 8th circuit court, which will assuredly favor the democrats.

* HR 1 forces taxpayer funding of elections through a new “freedom from influence fund” (i.e., your tax money would fund democratic candidates only.)

HR 1 and SR 1 are misnamed the “For the People Act,” to mislead voters. HR 1should be called the “Fool the People Act,” or better yet, the “For the Democrats Act,” as it favors the party in power, the democrats, and will keep them in power indefinitely. The Democrats will have total control of elections and able to manipulate the ballots in their favor.

HR 1 is unconstitutional because the Constitution grants the authority to regulate elections to the individual states, so the Democrats plan to pack the courts, including the Supreme Court with justice who will rubber-stamp their illegal socialist agenda.

If the Democrats “win” with HR 1, they’ll move on to packing the courts, repealing Trump’s tax cuts, open borders, the Green New Deal, making D.C. and Puerto Rico states and so much more.

Everyone should call and mail Sense. Mechanic (202-224-3954) and Caption (202-224-6472), and urge them to vote against HR 1.

Steve Wolverton



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