Help students get experience in field

Reading a letter to the editor on April 4, submitted by Lewis Rutherford and titled “Three-year Bachelor’s Degrees” prompted me to respond. The part of his letter regarding graduates receiving degrees who are unemployed with student loans debt to repay stirred things up again for me regarding those going through this experience.

I have heard so many parents upset talking about the huge amount of money they have spent or their children have to pay back in student loans finding themselves working a job not related to their degree when leaving college.

There have been many times I have said something has to be done and the reason for writing this letter is for a possible solution. The reason stated to me that graduates fresh out of college can’t use their degree is businesses want them to have experience in the position in which they are applying.

How can experience be achieved while in college in their field of study? Nurses have clinicals that are required for graduation and spend time in hospitals under supervision as part of acquiring their degree. This concept can be applied to any field for work experience to be applied at colleges everywhere in the United States. It might take seeking out businesses with some type of government funding or incentive program and if nothing exists it needs to be created.

Hopefully change can happen to acquire the experience employers are seeking with a degree in any field a person chooses. It is going to take parents and students to push for the help of federal, state, college boards, deans and student advisors to approach businesses with a plan that will benefit them as well as the college student.

Those who seek will find a way.

Brenda Powell



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