Help from good people is appreciated

On Jan. 13, I was at Rural King in Parkersburg with my dog Kojack. I was returning to my truck and as I started up the driver side, I noticed my right foot was soaked and looked down and saw a vein had burst. I called 911 and put my dog in the front seat and turned around to sit against the driver seat, and passed out and hit the ground.

When I came to, a lady and her son came by and asked if they could help and they assisted me until the fire department and ambulance arrived.

God was looking out for me that day, sending these two wonderful persons to assist me. They stayed and watched my dog until my relatives arrived.

I hope those people read this and I thank you all so much.

I am sure there were other people there who assisted. My thanks to them.

I was in the hospital for five days, but there were no broken bones from the fall and I am fine now.

Rex Sundstrom



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