Words matter

Before I share facts and opinion, I need to tell you I was raised in a Democratic home. But I am a registered Independent. I have family and friends who are Democrats. But I would be embarrassed, disappointed and angry to still be a Democrat.

Now, I will tell you why by responding to a column by Leonard Pitts Jr. He said “Republicans lack integrity and honor.”

Doing what is right and honorable is integrity. I saw (this is fact, not opinion) Nancy Pelosi on a video sharing a technique or directions on how to get your opponent. First, you tell a lie over and over. The news will pick this up and put it in print. Then it will become truth. She was giving INSTRUCTIONS on lying. Is this integrity? No. It’s evil.

How about A.O.C’s words that lost 25,000 jobs for New York City?

What about words from “60 Minutes” on their dishonest report on Florida’s Gov. DeSantis and vaccinations at Publix. They didn’t show the whole interview. Fake media.

Joe Biden got 4 Pinocchios for lying about Georgia voting laws. Those words mattered to the people of Atlanta who were looking forward to jobs and being able to enjoy the MLB games in Georgia.

What about the absence of words? The situation at the southern border is being ignored (no words) by Biden and Harris. Haven’t been to the border and no plans to go. They want to solve problems by giving billions to Central America. Didn’t the border czar just resign? The clip of those two little children being dropped over the wall should be engraved in the minds of all of us. But it makes me wonder all the more how Biden and Harris can go on ignoring the problem they caused.

Fact is, President Trump’s border and legal immigration policies were excellent and working. Biden canceled them (my opinion) because of jealousy and hate. What if Trump had not built as much wall as he did? Can you imagine the crisis then?

I know that words matter. Trump’s slogan MAGA was a cry for working America. Biden’s slogan “the most progressive president” is about him and the far left. Chuck Schumer said “We will take Georgia, then we will change America.”

This is your America. Don’t let somebody else’s words change this great country. Pray for America and all those who are working hard to preserve the great nation.

Denise Haught



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