Officers appreciated; more are needed

There are nearly 700,000 full-time police officers in the United States, and an overwhelming majority are dedicated, thoughtful and professional beyond measure. Police officers are charged not only with enforcing laws and protecting the public, but they are called upon daily to solve problems ranging from unruly children to violent acts of aggression against innocent victims.

Additionally, they serve our community on bike patrols, facilitate local events and work with cooperating agencies in keeping our rivers safe for transportation and recreation. We are fortunate in Parkersburg and across the MOV to have well-trained, well-intended and professional officers who take their oath seriously and remain dedicated in the face of persecution, attacks on their profession and daily questioning of their judgment across various platforms.

A career in law enforcement remains a rewarding one for young adults searching for a fulfilling, lifelong profession. Despite the mainstream media’s constant coverage of the negative actions of a few extremely misguided officers, and some short-sighted, yet widely publicized views related to defunding and dismantling law enforcement, it is important to note that most professional police personnel are serving for the right reasons.

Nobody despises police misconduct more than sworn officers. I have been fortunate throughout my lifetime to have known officers from every agency in the MOV, and I can say with sincerity they are some of the finest men and women I have had the pleasure to meet. As a community we cannot give up on those who serve us daily as officers of the law.

We must do everything possible to support and encourage the best and the brightest of the next generation to explore the opportunity to serve in a law enforcement capacity.

The City of Parkersburg Police Department will be offering testing opportunities in the coming weeks, and I encourage those young adults ages 18-40 who have a sense of duty, community service and want to make a difference in their communities to contact the Parkersburg Police Department for additional information.

Mayor Tom Joyce



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