Georgia voting law worth emulating

This letter is in answer to the op-ed in the April 4 newspaper by Kathleen Parker, titled “In Georgia, Republicans are keeping the big lie alive.”

First off, calling the premise Trump lost the 2020 election due to massive election fraud a big lie is unfair to Republicans. Many principled Republicans hold this sincere belief. Thus, Republicans are not lying. They are expressing their passionate belief, like the Democrats who believe Biden fairly won the election.

The true reason Democrats object to the new Georgia voting law, the Voter Integrity Act of 2021, is it makes election fraud more difficult with the required voter IDs and signature verification.

In a Rasmussen poll, 73 percent of Black voters support voter IDs. Claiming voter IDs create undue hardships on minority voters is ridiculous.

George Gov. Brian Kemp, R, stated in an interview driver’s licenses are valid voter IDs. For anyone without a driver’s license wishing to vote, an official will come to their home to issue them a free voter ID.

In polls, most voters agree with signature verifications. Poll workers need to know the person voting is an actual legal voter, not a dead person.

If Democrats admitted they oppose Georgia’s new voter law because it requires voter IDs and signature verification, they would receive a backlash from voters.

It is false, poll workers cannot give food or drink to voters waiting in line. However, partisan poll workers may not do it to solicit votes.

Many polling places have non-partisan vending machines and water fountains.

Democrats claim the Georgia law limits ballot drop-off boxes in minority areas. Not so! Drop-off boxes are in every Georgia County, in secure areas and are monitored against unauthorized access to inhibit ballot tampering.

Democrats allege the Georgia law limits in-person early voting. Wrong! The law expands in-person early voting to 17 days, including Saturday voting, and in some counties Sunday voting.

Georgia law allows absentee ballots by request, with no excuse required. No more mailing millions of ballots to Georgia residents without requests.

Georgia’s new election law isn’t perfect, but it’s still one many states should emulate.

Democrats and Kathleen Parker should have read Georgia’s new 98-page law before criticizing it.

Steve Wolverton



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