Biden behind border crisis

President Biden is attempting to shift blame for the immigration crisis on our southern border onto former President Trump, even though the southern border was secure when Trump left office. Biden can see the man responsible by looking in the mirror.

As president, Trump’s message to wannabe illegal immigrants was loud and clear, “if you enter the U.S. illegally, you will be caught and deported.”

In contrast, while campaigning, the few times he actually campaigned, Biden’s message to potential illegal immigrants was that they would be welcomed in with open arms. As a result, caravans of illegal immigrants swarmed across our southern border.

Out of vindictiveness toward Trump, Biden foolishly dismantled Trump’s immigration policies upon assuming office.

Trump had negotiated with Mexico a “remain in Mexico” policy allowing immigrants to stay there, awaiting permission to legally enter the U.S. Biden terminated this agreement, which he now seeks to renegotiate.

Trump negotiated agreements with central American countries allowing immigrants to apply for entry into the U.S., from their home country. Biden scrapped these agreements.

Trump ended the Obama administration’s “catch and release” program and began returning illegals to their home country. The word got out and illegal immigration stopped.

Biden reinstated Obama’s “catch and release” program and illegal immigration soared.

Biden reinstituted Obama’s policy of detaining children in cages, which Trump ended. Thousands of children are currently housed in cages in close proximity. According to the border patrol, 50 percent of the children are testing positive for COVID-19.

Illegal immigrants, children and adult, are being bussed around the U.S. at taxpayer expense, including those testing COVID-19 positive. We could have new COVID-19 outbreaks across the U.S., thanks to Biden.

Biden halted construction of the southern border wall, which would have been completed by now, leaving 18 holes in the wall open to illegal entry and drugs.

Big Tech supports illegal immigration for cheap labor. Democrats want illegal immigration for possible future democratic voters.

In a recent Rasmussen poll, 75 percent of Americans support a secure border. Only 22 percent want open borders.

During his sham “press conferences,” Biden falsely claimed that the majority of illegals are being deported “by the tens of thousands,” under his administration, when actually being deported is under 13 percent of illegals.

No wonder Biden’s approval rating keeps dropping in the polls. He is a crisis creator, not a crisis solver.

Steve Wolverton



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