Allegations lack merit

A recent Facebook post by Rep. David McKinley (R-WV 1) was just so ridiculous that it has to be addressed outside of the comment thread on the post. McKinley alleged that the For the People Act, D.C. Statehood, attempts to raise the number of U.S. Supreme Court Justices from 9 to 13; and challenges to the outcome of a House race in Iowa House of Representatives District 2 are Democratic Party power grabs. Let’s have a look at these assertions.

The provisions of the For the People Act are incredibly popular. Highlights include automatic voter registration, ending partisan gerrymandering, requiring Super PACs and dark money organizations to make their donors public, and banning members of Congress from serving on corporate boards. The Act makes voting easier and more accessible and holds politicians and their donors accountable. Why would McKinley oppose this? Learn more at the Declaration for American Democracy Coalition website at dfadcoalition.org.

The federal District of Columbia itself (not counting the entire metro area) has a population of over 700,000 people and pays more in federal taxes than most of the country. It is about 47.1 percent Black and home to more than 170 nationalities and ethnic groups. These taxpayers have no voting representation in Congress and deserve it, as well as full control of local affairs. Congress may reduce the size of the seat of government as it sees fit, as it did in 1846, and if Maryland’s ceding of territory for D.C. didn’t include provisions for statehood on part of that territory, well, neither did territory cession for six other existing states.

The size of SCOTUS was changed six times by 1869 and since then it has been nine seats. There is nothing unconstitutional about changing its size, although Speaker Pelosi has already come out against it and won’t bring that legislation to the floor, so there’s really no need for Congressman McKinley to bring this up other than partisanship. If “court-packing” is such a problem for him, well, 8 months without so much as a hearing for Merrick Garland and the record-setting quickness of confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett was a problem, too.

Finally, Rita Hart challenged her election loss in Iowa House District 2 by just six votes. Is that surprising to the Congressman? Donald Trump lost the nationwide popular vote by over 7 million and yet contested the results in court over 60 times, called for numerous recounts and, when none of that worked, incited an insurrection on Capitol Hill to stop Congress’s certification of the results. People in glass MAGA houses shouldn’t throw stones, Congressman.

Eric Engle



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