Thankful for one yes vote

Thank goodness we have on the national level a political party who is working for the people of America, in which 76 percent of one political party and 55 percent of the other are supporting the stimulus.

The stimulus bill will probably provide additional jobs in the future and help with inflation in years to come. This money belongs to the American people and we as West Virginians should be thankful that one of West Virginia’s senators provided outstanding leadership by trying to work with both political parties to help the American people and his state of West Virginia.

How can the other senator and three people from Congress come home and tell the people of this great state that they did not vote for the stimulus bill? Did these elected individuals not know that in West Virginia 16 percent of its people live below the poverty level? We are one of the poorest states in America. Look what the stimulus bill provided for our people: $1,400 check to help our citizens to be able to buy food, pay utility bills. It can provide jobless benefits of $300 per week until September; $350 billion for state and local governments; money for and to help our school system.

A lot of money is coming to West Virginia. Let us see what else is coming to our state: every county in W.Va. will receive a share of $4 billion; state government will receive $1.25 billion; county money can help with the cost of COVID-19; $152 million helping with emergency rental assistance; approximately $22 million to the city of Parkersburg.

I do not need to hear about any increase in utilities. This money could go for investments for water and sewer. Parkersburg could half some back taxes on our citizens here.

How can these four individuals make up some nonsense excuses? Your problem, you have put politics ahead of the needs of people of West Virginia. This is completely wrong.

I would hate to stand in front of my Creator and be asked what did you do to help the poor. Your answer would be, I voted against them.

Dale C. Lowther



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