Opinion vs. news

The March 10 edition of the Parkersburg News and Sentinel featured a front page “news” article from the AP titled “GOP struggles to define Biden, turns to culture wars.” It painted the Republican party and conservative commentators as more concerned with the cancel culture of Dr. Seuss books and Mr. Potato Head, and an obsession with the scrutiny of Megan Markle, but not much concern for the $1.9 trillion mega “COVID relief” package recently passed. That in itself, will require a later dissertation on special interest spending. The article also quoted a conservative GOP operative saying “They (conservative news media) never talk about Biden. It’s amazing. I think Fox covered Dr. Seuss more than Biden’s stimulus bill in the week leading up to the vote.”

“I think?” You don’t know for sure? Maybe there is another Fox that I am not aware of. As a follower of conservative discussions and news, I will say without any reservation, that there has been much more criticism and critique of the “COVID relief” package. Yes, the cancel culture issue is important, and as more and more of our traditions/history get quashed and canceled, I hope conservatives continue to speak out. David Axelrod, Obama’s former senior advisor, stated “Biden has remained a difficult target for the republicans.” What? Did he just arrive from another planet?

The article also stated that Hillary Clinton was more of a target than the current occupant of the White House at the recent annual CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) gathering, so I must assume the author must have attended another CPAC gathering other than the recent one that took place in Orlando, Fla.

Also noted was that Biden has been largely gaffe free with the exception of calling Republican governors “Neanderthals” that lifted mask restrictions in their states. If you only watch mainstream media, I guess you would have this opinion of being gaffe free. Among others, I guess the author missed President Biden forgetting the name of his defense secretary (standing behind him) during an address, and also couldn’t even come up with “Pentagon.” You know, “the formal general, the guy who runs that outfit over there.”

It also stated that Biden is trying to win back working-class white voters who left the democratic[sic] party for Trump (now, who was it that eliminated 11,000 union jobs by killing the Keystone XL pipeline), while not facing the racial attacks aimed at Obama or the sexist ones targeted at Clinton. I do remember many remarks aimed at these two, but they were policy/questionable activity criticisms, and nothing more than that. Race or gender was never the issue. When a writer pulls out the race or misogyny card, it is usually a last ditch effort when they can’t prove an opinion. A sure fire tactic used by liberal media.

There were other instances of opinion in this article to which I won’t opine, due to space limitations, but I would encourage opinion pieces be limited to the proper section. Shame on this newspaper for running a very long front page opinion piece and trying to pass it off as legitimate news.

Larry Reed



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