Biden’s first eight weeks

The White House press corps is beginning to question if President Biden is going to have a solo press conference. It has been nearly two months since he took office, and historically, former presidents had their initial press conference long before this. For those that followed the election, Joe Biden ran his campaign mostly from his house and was rarely available for open questions from the press. Most were scripted and prearranged. During a recent teleconference call with House Dems, Biden ended saying, “I am happy to take questions if that is what I am supposed to do.” The camera immediately cut off. There have been reports questioning whether President Biden is able to confidently handle an open question press conference without assistance. It should also be noted that a state of the union address has not been scheduled. Very, very unusual.

There is a seriously developing crisis at our southern border with unaccompanied minors flooding across from Mexico and Central America. Many major news outlets are now reporting this and can no longer ignore or hide it. Border crossings are up 100 percent plus, with approximately 2,000 arriving each week in February and predictions of 13,000 to arrive in May. Estimates of 117,000 minors alone are being reported for this year. Moreover, one source reported a total of 4,700 people trying to cross the border in just one day, and U.S. border agents detained nearly 100,000 migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in February. It has become impossible to keep up with the numbers. For those that followed the presidential election, it should be obvious why this is happening, with campaign promises from the Biden camp making it clear that illegal crossings would be tolerated, and law breakers would no longer be turned back. Free healthcare for illegal immigrants was also promised during the primary campaign. The word spread quickly among those wanting to head north that President Biden would welcome them with open arms. Some are wearing t-shirts with the words “Biden please let us in.” He’s also suspended the so-called “safe third-country” agreements that Trump forged with El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to get asylum-seekers to apply in one of those countries. Reporters have been barred from visiting newly opened detention facilities. An official in Biden’s own Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) was quoted that they saw the “highest February numbers than we’ve ever seen in the history” of the Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC) program.

Additionally, there has been very little, if any, push or direction from President Biden to get teachers back into the classroom and children back to an in-person learning experience. There are still a myriad of closed schools. Some states do have in-person learning, as well as many private and parochial schools, even in states that do not have in-person learning. There has been no reporting of increased COVID related issues, and the CDC has issued guidelines to allow more schools to open. One constant of the Biden campaign was to follow the science, but yet he is not following his own rhetoric.

For regular readers of the Parkersburg News and Sentinel, I don’t think they will find any reporting that could in any way be construed as a critique of the Biden administration. They may have to depend on the opinion section to get any news that could in any way shed light on any problems or concerns regarding the Biden agenda. This a just a wee bit different than on the previous administration (tongue in cheek).

Larry Reed



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