Comparing accomplishments

Over Democratic opposition during the past four years, Trump had a record number of accomplishments:

* The largest tax cuts in history

* The greatest economy in history, until the COVID-19 pandemic

* A travel ban from certain overseas countries to slow the spread of COVID-19

* A COVID-19 vaccine developed in record time

* Deported violent illegal immigrants from U.S.

* Secured the southern border, expanded the border wall

* Approved the Keystone Pipeline

* Obtained U.S. energy independence

* Brokered peace deals between Israel and a number of Muslim countries

* Forced NATO to pay its fair share of its defense

* Left the ridiculous Paris Climate Accord

* Rebuilt our military

* Stood tough against China, Russia, Iran, etc.

* Established the Space Force

* Dropped the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal

* Negotiated a new trade treaty (USMCA) between U.S., Canada and Mexico to replace NAFTA

* Brokered criminal justice reform

* Appointed three constitutionalist justices to the Supreme Court and a record number of judges to the lower courts

* Too many more accomplishments to list.

In contrast, look at Biden’s “accomplishments” during his first ten days in office:

* Killed the Keystone Pipeline, angering our Canadian allies by killing tens of thousands of jobs on both sides of the border

* Banned fracking on government lands

* Declared war on fossil fuels, endangering U.S. energy independence and moving U.S. toward dependence on OPEC. Remember, the gas lines of the 70s after OPEC put an embargo on U.S. oil importation?

* Proposed a federal gasoline tax increase

* Proposed repealing Trump’s tax cuts

* Will rejoin the failed Iran Nuclear Deal

* Rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, without China, India and Singapore coming on board to reduce their emissions

* Allowing caravans of illegal immigrants, many carrying COVID-19, to enter U.S. and receive vaccine ahead of Americans

* Granting 100-day moratorium on deportations of illegal immigrants, including violent criminal immigrants

* Pushing a $15 per hour, job-killing minimum wage

* Pledging bailouts to liberal run bankrupt blue state cities

* Attacking our first and second amendments

* And more.

We don’t yet know everything in the record number of Biden’s executive orders.

Where Trump put America first, Biden has put America last. Voters will soon develop buyers’ remorse and in 2022 elect Republicans to Congress.

Meanwhile, Biden can do much damage in the next two years, with a stroke of his pen and bypassing Congress.

Steve Wolverton



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