Are Biden voters happy now?

I realize that letters to the editor are pretty much pointless now, but I felt compelled to write one anyway. Both sides of the political spectrum have their heels dug in and I really see no bridging this divide in America.

The first few executive orders President “Unity” Biden signed included rescinding permits for the Keystone Pipeline and allowing transgenders in the military. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Democratic Party.

Thousand of lost jobs and billions of economic activity and the left celebrates. Oh, and by the way, environmental zealots, you gained nothing by shutting this down. Warren Buffett will be making more money now. He thanks you for supporting President Biden.

I guess the prime minister of Canada is receiving a lesson in karma. He trash talked President Trump for four years because, you know, it was cool and progressive to bash the president. The first thing President Biden did was sign an order that cost America and Canada thousands of jobs. Here’s your sign, Trudeau.

Another executive order our unity president signed was to allow transgender people in our military. With all the problems this country is facing, here’s what the radical left focuses on.

This order did nothing but demoralize our military who have enough to deal with, without having to put up with this nonsense — not to mention all taxpayers that are on the hook to pay for these transgender hormone therapies and or surgeries. Notice the women’s groups that are suing the president over aspects of this bill? Here’s what happens when you legislate to appease radical fringe groups instead of doing what is best for the majority of the United States. I predicted this president would ruin America in four years. I was completely wrong. He is going to wreck this country in four months.

We went from an America First president to a America Last president.

Any Biden voter that loses their job in the next few years, just remember to hold your head high when you’re being evicted from your home and say these words out loud, “At least that mean old Trump’s out of office.”

Hopefully, America can survive this onslaught from the left to destroy us.

Historically, a country is 250 years old before it implodes on itself. Will history prove right, again?

Ted McCullough



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