The great divider

Our past president attacked with gusto the FBI, CIA, State Department, Supreme Court, Joint Chiefs of Staff, COVID Team at CDC, the Iran Treaty, Climate Accord, Immigration Service, Dept of the Treasury, our Allies, and Republicans, and Democrats alike. He praised dictators in China, Russia, and North Korea while saying veterans were suckers for sacrificing for the USA.

On elections, he said the Ted Cruz victory in the Republican Iowa primary was a rigged fraud and crooked. He predicted if Hillary Clinton defeated him in 2016 the election was rigged and crooked. Of course, she won the national popular vote by over three million votes, in several key eastern states by a very narrow margin he won the state’s electoral college then of course it was a landslide victory. Ms. Clinton did not say the vote was crooked or rigged and accepted the outcome, perhaps she should have used Trump’s divisive tactics.

In the most recent Biden-Trump contest, Biden’s vote total exceeded Trump’s by 7 million or more votes and because we have an electoral college system Trump attacked the election results there saying they were rigged and fraudulent. Black voters are crooked he implied. Sound familiar? Of course, Republican officials were counting these votes in all key electoral college states. The only thing left to do was pressure elected officials to recount and find him the magic votes to overturn a 7 million voter margin by Biden. Theft on a major scale if you get away with it. So onto Washington, D.C., on the Jan. 6 to disrupt acceptance of the electoral college votes as approved by 50 separate states. Riots and threats on the life of Vice President Pence and Ms. Pelosi, Speaker of the House as encouraged by Trump’s and other political figures’ lies.

Our great former supposed religious leader uses the Bible as a prop during protests while he plays golf on Sunday and sets up bribes to porn stars to hide past affairs. If he had been successful in his coup attempt, Black ministers, brown-skinned people, and many white people would have been in the street protesting, while undoubtedly in the name of law and order, he would have tried to murder them. All this with the support of some white-skinned so-called evangelical Christians, blood would be on their hands for sure.

Donald John Trump the Great Healer? Really!

J. Bruce Fox



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