Send Azinger packing

The News and Sentinel printed a six-column spread in the “Extra” section of the Sunday, Jan 10 paper. The article was an interview with WV State Senator, Mike Azinger. I’m sure the reporter was doing the best he could considering who he was interviewing.

Try educating yourself by reviewing Azinger’s previous idiocy printed numerous times in the Parkersburg paper over the past four-years.

I’m not saying Azinger is uneducated, which is fixable. I’m talking about his legislative proposals like teaching religious education classes in public schools. School budgets are really tight these days. To start classes in religion would require budget cuts in areas like math and science. That idea is worse than stupid.

Then there was his proposal to replace the state income tax with supply-side (trickle-down) taxes. That’s a tax system every economist in the nation has condemned as ridiculous and unworkable. Azinger never lets facts like that get in his way.

Azinger previously criticized the Parkersburg newspaper for its failure to condemn LGBTQ. That showed Parkersburg readers just how narrow minded Azinger is. I doubt if many Parkersburg residents had the pleasure of reading the Charleston newspaper’s editorial response to that particular Azinger rant. The Charleston editorial chopped Azinger into little pieces and fed him to the wolves. It was a beautifully written editorial.

Now, we have that interview in the Jan. 10 Parkersburg paper. Azinger admitted he was present at the Jan. 6 White House rally where Trump again attacked the “stolen election” and urged his followers to, “get tough and fight.” Trump promised to “personally lead them all to the Capitol.”

Yep. Trump promised to personally lead his MAGA-morons to attack the Capitol. According to Azinger, those peaceful Trump patriots had nothing to do with the Jan. 6 attack. It was those evil, leftist, Antifa terrorists who tried to destroy our seat of government.

I just hope the District 3 voters are paying attention to what this political zero is doing. Azinger needs to be sent packing the next time his name shows up on a ballot.

Ralph Chambers



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