Hopes for New Year

I write this as we prepare to slam the door on 2020 and as we cautiously welcome 2021 with hope of the return to some form of normalcy and good health.

Never would I have expected to live during a time where a pandemic swept the world, affecting 218 countries with over 81 million infections, and sadly over 1.7 million deaths. Unfortunately, West Virginia and Wood County were not spared, having over 80,000 cases in our state, with 1,254 deaths and 4,686 cases in Wood County resulting in 41 deaths.

By now all have likely had experiences with this pandemic, knowing someone who contracted the virus and suffered through it or worse, the loss of life.

The purpose of this letter is to take a moment to thank all of the unsung heroes that have been on the front lines of this medical emergency for now nearly a year. Special thanks are due the nurses, doctors and medical technicians, police officers, fire fighters, EMTs/paramedics and the many others who have been in the war zone and on the front lines 24/7. Those serving must surely be exhausted, both physically and emotionally. Simply put, Thank you! to all who have served during this crisis.

Obviously there are many others who have been essential to our needs, such as grocery clerks, gas station clerks, mail services, public safety support crews, such as dispatchers and department of corrections, all of whom deserve our thanks.

Lastly, as we enter into 2021 with some optimism, we must do our part to keep ourselves and families safe, as well as those we may come in contact with. We must all do our part to follow safety protocols which will help eradicate the COVID virus.

Until then, hopes and prayers that 2021 will mark the end of this pandemic and the return to life as we remember it.

Rick Modesitt



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