Take time to do research

As I put pen to paper this week, I want to say how fortunate I have been to have three uncensored letters printed in letters to the editor. In these letters, I have voiced a lot of my own personal opinions, and I thank those who took time to read my letters.

This week, I ask you, if you have access to the internet to take time and bring up Joe Biden’s manifesto and read, then look up Antifa’s web page, then you can form your own opinion as to where you think this country is headed.

I would also like for you to take time to listen to more than one news station. I listen to ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. Not on a daily basis, but during the course of the week.

To close, I would like to say God bless America, merry Christmas, and I pray we have a happy New Year.

Donna Sweet



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