Socialism is no threat

The Dec. 5 News and Sentinel printed a letter to the editor about socialism. Most of that letter was dictionary definition and nothing else. It didn’t include a word about how socialism originated and not a word about socialism’s successes or failures. Why was that letter even written?

Socialism is government ownership and control of all means of production including control over the distribution of all goods and services. Wake up folks. It might surprise you, but our government doesn’t control any of that stuff. Think about that all-inclusive concept for a moment and then ask yourself, how much socialism do we really have in the United States? The answer is darned little.

I’m sure someone will start screaming about Social Security or Medicare. They only need look at how those two programs began in the first place and why they have succeeded and why they are so incredibly popular today.

We always have a few wing-nut politicians like Congressperson Ocasio-Cortez. Some of those people make socialist noises and occasionally get sensational headlines but that’s as far as it goes. Their socialist proposals have never made an impact on our economy and aren’t likely to ever make an impact.

The only socialism our government will ever see will be those programs necessary for the public good but not capable of turning a profit if operated by the private sector.

Are there any socialism successes? Very few. One of the few was the Panama Canal Zone. The Canal Zone, under U.S. operation, was considered a rare successful example of a socialist experiment. It was professionally managed and long lasting for a socialist program (76 years). It operated as a self-contained, micro-economy. Unfortunately, it was not practical and would never have worked outside the controlled economic environment of the Canal Zone. But it was socialism.

Socialism is an economic idea that never really lived up to its dreamy concept. But, the anti-socialism drum-beaters never pass up an opportunity to bad-mouth their favorite bogey-man. The drum-beaters, with their bogus knowledge, seldom know more about socialism than the uneducated souls they’re trying to frighten.

Essentially, what we have is the pseudo-educated trying to terrify the uneducated. They scare the beejeezus out of the uneducated by grossly exaggerating the imaginary evils of socialism, which happens to be a widely misunderstood economic system posing no threat to our way of life.

Ralph Chambers



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