Georgia runoff is vital

The slaughter houses jeopardized workers lives when they were forced to work in dangerous conditions due to the COVID-19. Others, will be facing those lingering effects of the virus that survived the infection, now that side effects from the infection have been discovered.

If the Republican SCOTUS repeals the ACA then by their decision the healthcare industry can deny any claims for being infected and the resulting side effects of the virus after recovery as a pre-existing condition. That’s why Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate are holding the relief bill hostage for no other reason than to exclude businesses from being held liable, which forced workers back into those death chambers. Also, those front-line workers that didn’t have proper PPE and other’s exposed that were forced back into highly contagious locations.

But, Mitch McConnell and the Republicans won’t protect those infected, unemployed and lost their healthcare benefits, unable to find jobs, unable to pay their bills, buying food for their families, facing foreclosures and evictions for not being able to pay their rent.

Let’s hope Georgians elect Reverend Warnock and John Issoff to the Senate Jan. 5, so President Biden and Vice President Harris can get legislation passed to help those infected by the virus, unemployment, foreclosures, evictions and continue as they are in getting a vaccine for the people, securing our National security, getting people back to work, and putting a stop to the violations of our election laws by Trump and his staff.

Jerry L. Payne



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