‘Build back better’

If you think ‘build back better’ is a cute saying that Joe Biden came up with, you’d be wrong. It has been around since 2015 when the Third U.N. world Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction adopted it as a framework for “disaster recovery, risk reduction and sustainable development.”

It was generally understood to use the “disaster” as a trigger to create more resilient nations and societies than before (Never let a crisis go to waste). BBB has its roots in the improvement of land use, spatial planning and construction standards through the recovery process.

Today, the Build Back Better believers are using the pandemic as an excuse to transform nations to fit the view of the globalists. According to Wikipedia, the term first caught international attention in 2006 where the U.N. Special Envoy Report offered ten key propositions for BBB (list can be found in Wikipedia).

For those who love the United States, liberty and individual freedoms, BBB should make you cringe.

Gene Smith



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