Where to begin?

On Nov. 21, the News and Sentinel printed a letter titled “Real loss if Biden wins,” which was in response to a letter I wrote on Nov. 15. I love it when I am challenged to defend my position.

Gee whiz, where do I start? Let’s start with the truth, which was sadly absent in all 14 paragraphs of that letter printed on Nov. 21.

That letter writer told me I can’t call Trump a liar without itemizing Trump’s specific lies. Well, la-dee-dah! I’d need a couple of hundred pages of newsprint to itemize Trump’s lies.

We need go no further than Trump’s ugliest most persistent lie ever. That was the “Obama was born in Kenya” lie. Trump started that lie way back in 2007 and repeated it until 2016 when his Republican cronies finally told him to knock it off. That lie had become an embarrassment to the party.

There was plenty of proof Obama was born in Hawaii. There was the official birth certificate, attested to by the attorney general and the governor of Hawaii. There was the original hospital record of Obama’s birth. Both Honolulu newspapers had “new-birth-announcements” in August 1961 with both announcing Obama’s birth.

Trump’s lies continue. Today he claims he was cheated out of re-election. That’s another lie. He wasn’t cheated. The voters kicked his backside by six million votes, plus 306 Electoral votes. That’s called a landslide and whining about it won’t make it go away.

That Nov. 21 letter was an impressive example of “just make up the lies as you go along.” It doubled down on that absurd reference to Venezuelan software.

Trump and his crack legal team have yet to explain how that “Venezuelan software” was integrated into all those state-controlled voting systems. Those systems included hand-written provisional ballots, paper-ballots, hand-written mail-in ballots and voting computers not accessible via the internet. That “crime” supposedly happened while every poll worker in the nation was being extra vigilant.

That “Venezuelan software” lie was pure garbage.

Those lies would be hilarious if they weren’t so sad. They’re sad because they highlight the Fox News propaganda fringe element controlling today’s Republican party.

Whatever happened to those Republicans who believed in small government, balanced-budgets and low taxes? Those honest Republicans have been completely displaced by lying, cheating, scumbags like Donald Trump.

Ralph Chambers



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