Virus still a threat

I’m staying home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The pandemic is not a hoax. Over 250,000 people have died and if we all just followed CDC guidelines of wearing a mask, keeping a distance from each other, not attending large gatherings and washing our hands often, we could slow the spread of COVID-19 until a vaccine is ready for distribution that will save hundreds of thousands of additional lives.

President Trump warned us that if he did not win the presidential election, it would mean that the election was rigged and he would not support the peaceful transfer of power. Mr. Trump is making good on that promise by telling his supporters that he “has won” and a lot of Republicans are afraid to contradict him. The General Services Administration, run by a Trump appointee, has not yet allowed the White House and other federal agencies to begin the work necessary to ensure a smooth transition before President-elect Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration.

Our Democracy is too important to let one man interfere with how it is supposed to work. The lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans are at stake. Joe Biden needs to have the resources available to him to not only bring this pandemic under control but to govern this great country. And Joe Biden needs to have the support of all Americans working together to make our Democracy strong again.

Carol Lazear Mitchell



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