Put kids’ safety first

What is wrong with the Board of Education wanting to send the kids back to school four days a week?

If the restaurants and other businesses here in Parkersburg cannot open up to full capacity what makes them think that it’s safe for the kids to go back to school full time?

Gov. Jim Justice is on the TV a lot and saying that the virus has more cases now then what it did back in February.

What’s it gonna take, for one of the kids to pass away before the Board of Education wakes up and watches out for these kids’ safety?

I think every parent needs to show up at the Board of Education and show their actions about the kids going back to school.

It’s funny that the Superintendent of West Virginia’s kids don’t go to school, they do Virtual Learning.

So if he thinks it’s not safe for his kids to go to school why would it be safe for the rest of the kids to go to school?

If we can’t get America back to the way it used to be what makes them think it’s safe for our kids to return to school four days a week.

I know there are a lot of parents out there that can’t be home with their kids because they have to work to make ends meet.

But there are a lot of parents out there that work from home that don’t want their kids home from school, they want the school to babysit their kids.

So if it’s not safe for these people working at Home for their job how is it safe for the kids to be in school?

So the Board of Education needs to let out all the cases in these schools that the news and the Board of Education is not letting out.

So every parent needs to show up at the Board of Education and tell them we want safety for our kids.

Why don’t the Board of Education let the news media know that the threats that the Board of Education members had received from parents wanting their kids back to school?

There is just too much information not getting out to the public or the news media.

So quit hiding the information and let the public know what’s going on.

So wake up Board of Education and let’s think safety for our kids and our teachers.

John McIntyre



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