Only want a fair election

Donald Trump may be the most maligned president in American history. Before the election, his campaign was spied on by the FBI. After he took office, he was further spied on.

The news media hounded him for nearly four years over alleged Russia collusion. After numerous investigations, including the Mueller probe, the Russian collusion was proven to be a hoax paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign, with the approval of the Obama-Biden administration.

Trump was impeached over a legitimate call to the Ukraine and under constant threats of further impeachments by Nancy Pelosi.

Trump was unfairly blamed for the coronavirus and for mishandling it.

Trump gave us the greatest economy in history, great trade deals, prospects of Middle East peace, energy independence and more.

Trump could have accomplished much more if the Democrats had worked with him, instead of constantly fighting him. Imagine what he could accomplish in a second term. The fake news media refuses to investigate the Biden family corruption in the Ukraine, China and Russia. Much evidence is present: Hunter Biden’s computer, emails and whistleblowers. Would the news media be equally silent were it the Trump family?

We now have the Trump campaign claiming proof of voter fraud and rigged voting machines during the 2020 election in nine swing states.

The Democrats and fake news media are crying for Trump to concede or he is undermining democracy. After four years of investigating phoney Russian collusion, the same Democrats don’t want Trump’s lawyers allowed four weeks to investigate election irregularities. In 2000, no one accused Gore of undermining democracy.

There were reports of Republican poll watchers being removed while votes were tallied and while Dominion voting machines were being “fixed.” There were truckloads of ballots coming in for Biden, with none for Trump, which is highly suspicious. Many ballots only had votes for Biden, with none down ticket. Many ballots were checked off identically like they just came off a copier. Many reports of improprieties came from Democrats.

There were reports of voting machines observed flipping votes from Trump to Biden — 6,000 alone, in one Pennsylvania County.

If there was corruption in the 2020 election, we need to make things right. Only all legal ballots should be counted. Otherwise we may never have another fair election in this country. Every American should want fair elections.

Steve Wolverton



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