Not my president redux

In response to the letter on Nov. 15 titled “Dodging a bullet.” The author said “Donald Trump can’t open his miserable mouth without puking up another lie.”

I personally can’t call Biden a liar because he is incapable of even remembering what office he is running for. What he says at the time he says it to him it’s the truth even if he changes it two days later. It’s called incompetence. Do you really believe this man is capable to deliberate anything with foreign diplomats.

As to the pollsters: Why would anyone say they were voting for our President Donald Trump when there is fear of being spit on, tires slashed, cars keyed or even worse damage to their homes or physical being?

I proudly wore my Trump shirt and will continue to wear my shirt because I’m going to act the same way the Democrats acted when Trump won. Biden is not my president-elect, nor will he be my president!

The author of the letter claimed our citizenship carries implied duties to serve and protect the nation and its government. I thought it was our government and elected officials’ duty to protect and serve the U.S. American citizen, not the illegals that cross our borders. Mr. Biden will not protect our constitution, our country or our borders.

Now I want to say that when Hillary Clinton was running for president, I was called a deplorable and uneducated because I was a Trump supporter. Biden called me a chump.

What has happened to our Democracy? All I have seen from our Democratic party is if you don’t follow us, you are a racist. To quote a sign from a protester, “All blacks are not criminals, all whites are not racist, all police officers are not bad, but ignorance is dangerous.”

I hope that when or if Biden becomes president that he gets the same respect from Trump supporters that the Democrats gave our President Donald Trump and I also hope that elected officials put Biden through as much havoc about Hunter Biden and China as they did our President Donald Trump and Russia.

God bless America.

Donna Sweet



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