Dodging a bullet with Biden’s victory

Donald Trump’s defeat on Nov. 3 was a giant weight lifted off the nation’s shoulders.

Biden’s victory brought hope. Biden’s victory guarantees competent leadership in the Oval Office. And Biden’s victory also solved another problem. Donald Trump can’t open his miserable mouth without puking-up another lie. But on Jan. 20, Trump will become ex-President and we no longer need pay attention to his disgusting lies.

Unlike Trump, Joe Biden can speak in clear, cohesive sentences and those sentences can evolve into intelligent plans and policies, which can benefit the nation. Biden will rebuild the Justice Department and repair international treaties mindlessly damaged by Trump. Unlike Trump, Biden will pay his income taxes on time without lying to or cheating the IRS.

The pundits and pollsters were way off the mark with their 2020 vote predictions. To me, the reason is simple. Republican types were probably ashamed to admit they were voting for Trump because honest Republicans already admit Trump is a flaming idiot and two-bit crook. So, they lied to the pollsters and those lies wildly skewed the polling predictions. Nothing else could have distorted the expected voting results that far.

Lying to pollsters seems silly unless telling the truth might seriously embarrass the liar. Voting for Trump should be a major embarrassment to anyone who voted for him in 2020.

Like it or not, our citizenship carries certain implied duties. Living in this democracy has a price. The price is not dollars. The price is honoring an implied duty to serve and protect the nation and its government.

But on Nov. 3 Trump supporters voted to abandon their implied duty by intentionally trying to elect a completely unqualified, dangerously stupid, irresponsible fool.

I’m sure Donald Trump would label “implied duty” as something for “losers and suckers” to worry about. If there’s nothing in it for him he wouldn’t be interested.

Our democracy dodged a bullet on Nov. 3. Responsible voters saved us from four more years of misery with that incompetent zero in the White House. Let us hope new leadership can quickly repair the damage caused by Trump during his term of office.

Ralph Chambers



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